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Double Breath Stealth Vaping Technique

What is stealth vaping? Well put simply, it is vaping without anyone knowing you are vaping. Obviously they might see you taking a pull from the device itself but the most important thing to hide from them is the cloud(s) of vapour, which to them would look exactly like smoke.

I have just been using a new technique today, which works very well and still provides a lot of satisfaction from the flavour and throat hit. This only works if you do the igetcha69 method of vaping, “where he takes the vapour into his mouth before drawing it back into his lungs”, rather than “direct lung inhale”

Here’s how it works:

1. Take a standard draw of the vapour into your mouth.
2. Suck it back into your lungs quickly and enjoy the satisfaction from the throat hit and flavour.
3. Now breathe in again to your full (or comfortable) lung capacity.
4. Exhale with more force than normal.

It’s that extra intake of air in step 3 that makes all the difference. You’ve already gotten the satisfaction from the throat hit and flavour, now you just need to get the vapour out without alerting anyone. By mixing extra air in, the vapour becomes thinner and dissipates a lot quicker.

3 thoughts on “Double Breath Stealth Vaping Technique

  1. i always do this in the office. doesn’t always work 100% but some places are more strict than others when it comes to vaping. u should do a write up and see if vaping lines up with the tobacco act of SA.

    1. @fiki when i still worked at petrosa some people had issues with vaping according to the health and safety person as far as she was concerned there is nothing in the tobacco act that stipulates vaping being illegal in places. #my2cents

  2. Wow. That works like a bomb. Thanx for the tip. Now to try it in the office. 🙂

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