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Ohm’s law

Ohm’s law

Not sure what cartomizer to use or replace with?

Ohm’s? and voltage?? Here’s a little help.

Ohm’s law, (Voltage x Voltage) / Resistance (ohms) = Power (watts)

Knowing this formula is crucial to understanding what variable voltage is all about, and helps gain a better understanding of how the different combinations of vaping equipment perform relative to each other.


Here’s a look at a few examples.

Most standard 510 atomizers have a resistance of 2.5 ohms. Mass produced PV’s such as the 510 and the eGo run around 3.2v. Using Ohm’s law, we can calculate the power output for this configuration.

(3.2v x 3.2v) / 2.5 ohms = 4.096 watts

If you use a standard 510 atomizer, but instead step up to a 3.7v device our power output increases.

(3.7v x 3.7v) / 2.5 ohms = 5.476 watts

If you use a non-standard atomizer @ 3ohms, but instead step up to a variable voltage 5.5v device our power output increases.

(5.5v x 5.5v) / 3 ohms = 10.083 watts

Note: higher resistance (higher ohms) last longer than lower resistance. It all depends on the voltages of the power unit.

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