I have been using VapeMOB Products for about 6 months now, initially it was to improve the odor given off by cigarettes, this was a major improvement but after only a few weeks I could feel the improvement it had on my endurance and recovery during my workouts at gym.  I would definitely recommend these products to every smoker as it satisfies the craving and is much better to those around you…(non-smokers)


One happy customer

My name is Adeel.  I have been using VapeMOB Products for more than a month and was highly impressed by the ease of using this product. In the past I have used another more expensive brand, but found that it did not satisfy my craving to smoke. I have had no problems with the product and found it to satisfying to my smoking needs.

Since using the product:

  1.  I had not smoked a cigarette
  2. Felt more healthier as my chest no longer burns when cycling
  3. My kids are more around me as the smoke (vapour) does not affect them
  4. Saved money as I spend less than when I was smoking
  5. Have sold this product to nine of my friends as I believe this is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes
  6. Within the first week i had my wife, who was a heavy smoker, change to this product and she has not since smoked a cigarette

Thank you for this affordable alternative to cigarettes.

Kind Regards





Hi my name is Mr. Ismail Gallie,

Ive been using VapeMOB products for the last almost three months its revolutionary to me and my wife who is on the products. We will never go back to that stink smelling cigarettes ever ,made us sick we lost energy and its NOT GOOD period.

VapeMOB is such a great invention the atomiser is remarkable the puff is WOW the atomiser itself is so cost effective and when it doesnt have the same strenght u just replace the inside coil for under R50.00 .

When we started using the VapeMOB products we tried the Papa Smurf sweet sour taste, it gives u the kick of a cigarette with no unplesant smell rather a nice odour and ur clothing does not stink.

After 6 weeks my wife is still on Papa Smurf, without nicotine for a women that smoked  almost 35 cigarettes per day.
If you to weak to do it on your own do it in pairs it worked for me and my wife.

Thanks MOB we are free of that dirty smelling odour of CIGARETTES yuck.



Mr. Ismail Gallie

My name is Mogamad Abrahams and I would like to thank the VapeMOB team in creating a product that actually works.

I was smoking a packet of ciggs a day  and for the past 5 months I cannot take the smell of tabacco ciggs aswell as the taste.

So well done on this awesome product.



Mogamad Abrahams

Last year october I purchased a kit from VapeMOB and since then haven’t looked back, I ran out of juice one day and cravings kicked in, so I lit up a smoke only to kill it after the first puff. Now I make sure I’m always fully stocked or have you guys on speed dial thanks VapeMob for always making a way for me.

Kind Regards


Ryan Brandreth

I have been smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for the past 22 years. Then I learned about VapeMOB and the service they offer. A friend convinced me to try and I bought my wife and I starter kits. It is now a month that I am without cigarettes and only vaping. My wife recently tried smoking a normal cigarette and she actually felt so sick. She instantaneously got a pounding headache and felt really nauseas.

The VapeMOB TEAM are really “life” savers, Thanks guys for your Excellent service, I have and will continue to spread the word and encouraging smokers in my friends and family circle to give you guys a try. After all, one can only benefit because its a much healthier and you really save ALOT of money.



I must be honest and say that I didn’t expect to have such a wonderful pleasure in giving up smoking.  It has been two weeks already that I haven’t laid my lips on a cigarette and I have been using the VapeMob liquids and I have been enjoying the experience.

This has helped me give up smoking altogether and im not feel the urge to light up a cigarette.  I feel strong that I will be able to refrain from smoking altogether

Thank you

One happy customer

At 13 I started smoking cigarettes, eventually reaching 25-30 a day. Wow! The cigarettes are good and I do not wish to stop. It helps me think, it calms me, its my companion, all is just fine as long as I have my cigarettes. The taste & satisfaction after my coffee or meal…mmmmm…its good.

I’m 41 now and decided to as a means to overcome the constraint of non-smoking buildings to purchase an expensive alternative, initially I thought this is fun but then it became clear within a month that it would become too expensive to continue.

Fortunately I met VapeMOB in November 2013 and I started vaping with the MOB products. Cheap to run, easy to use, easily accessible, controllable nicotine intake, 70% rand saving per month, no smoke odours AND never touched or had the urge for a cigarette since!

If you want an effortless cool way of giving up cigarettes try VapeMOB! You won’t be disappointed.



One happy vaping customer

Thanks to vapeMOB I have managed to cut down from smoking a pack a day to a social smoker! Not only do we get a good product and save money but great after sale service as well! Keep it up guys!


One happy customer

I currently purchased my VapeMOB E-cigg just over a week ago. And ever since I purchased this I am down to 2 cigarettes a day. this really helped me cut down and save. Sometime in the near future I can guarantee that I will quit smoking. I have been trying to stop for over 6 years now. but ever since I made this great discovery, the light definitely seems clear at the end of this tunnel. Many thanks to the guys at VapeMOB for your help and for speedy responses with any small queries I had in the process of becoming part of the VAPE community. Thanks guys 🙂



Jacques Wentzel

I’ve been a smoker for the last 10 years. I’ve tried quitting many times but always go back to smoking. I recently bought a VapeMOB kit and initially I cut down on cigarettes. I have not completely quit cigarettes and have been without it for two weeks. I now fully understand what non smokers maen when they say cigarettes smell. I can barely stay in a room with anyone that smokes a cig. As a result I have saved roughly R500 and thats just one month. Thanks to the VapeMOB team for an amazing product.

Samantha W